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Introduction To This Blog

This Blog is for those writers who want to be successful
writers, but amid all of the proper ways and how to’s may
be feeling a bit discouraged. (Note the word proper)

This Blog is also for those who simply want what they
want for their lives and need a bit of inspiration.

I’m using this blog, to show those of us who seem to have
a keen interest in the workings of manifestation, that as
we apply our new understandings to the things we want, it
DOES work, and it can work easily.

Do we have to be SURE, in order to get what we want?
NO. Do we have to follow somebody’s rules? NO.

Do we have to feel a confident knowing in our end results
in order to have success flow to us, versus chasing it? NO.

Do we even have to really know what we want, other than
success? NO.

Can we have others slam our work, our writing and our
general life expression, and still be successful? YES!
Why Yes? Because We have something in common with
Madonna and New York Times Best Selling Author, Jodi

Why Yes? Because NONE of it has anything to do with
what we think it has to do with!

I offer the example of my very first book based on
applying all that I was learning in regard to manifesting
and higher skills, at the time. I had limited income,
meaning, I didn’t have the flexible cash to hire editors,
book cover designers or promotional campaigns. What I
did have, was the desire to write a book and have it out
there in printed form, and available for anyone who
wanted it.

I had a choice to make:
Write the book anyway and put it out there somehow…any
way that I could, doing the best I could and knew, at the
time. OR, wait until I had the proper everything in place
and my book perfected.

I did, put it out. Was I proud of it? YES, Heck Yes! No
matter what anyone else said or thought.

I received lots….LOTS of great feedback and still do, all
of the time on this first book, it built the strong and fun
foundation of my writing livelihood, its extensions, as
well as other areas of my life.

I also received a few of comments about the editing being
really bad… those posts are still on Amazon. And, I also
received other comments, along the lines of not caring
or noticing about the editing.

My thoughts? So what?
My thoughts? Whomever is to read my books…will be
led to them, in spite of whatever the shape of whatever…
is. (This certainly contradicts much we are told in the
writing world.)

I kept going.

I was given by surprise, a great website…..for my first
book. It was beautiful! It was just like the one I put up on
my Magic Wall. It happened to be MJ Rose’s site that
I pasted on my wall. She’s helped me in many ways, in
my beginnings of how am I gonna do this writing thing?

My first book went on to have enough sales, that I was
invited into a special program (no charge to me), which
then gave me a brand new cover, a great editing job, a
short run promotional campaign AND a 12 page
outstanding review of my book, of which was reviewed by
a ghost writer for the biggies in the market I write in. I’ve
added some of those comments at the top of the reviews
page on the other section of this blog.

Those Comments are HERE:

A Reminder from my first book, Manifesting 101 &
Beyond: How To Get What You Want Without Goofing
It Up First!

“There Are No Rules, No Boundaries, No Limits, Other
Than Those Self-Imposed, And Self-Inflicted.”

(Susan James)

Go Get’em!
Happy Manifesting And Happy Writing!
Susan James

ISBN 0595144144 Manifesting 101 & Beyond:
(How To Get What You Want Without Goofing It Up

ISBN 1591133769 Manifesting 102 & Beyond:
(The Design Continues)

ISBN 1591131812 Manifesting Methods For Would
Be Millionaires

ISBN 0974652636 Manifest Warp Speed

ISBN 1591133068 The Millionaire Maverick (Novel)

ISBN 1929072791 17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide

New Release! June 1, 2011 The Done Deal

The Done Deal (Free Excerpts)

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